Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buy bids...get big discounts?

I am a huge fan of Ebay. However, as I am looking for extreme deals and discounts on the web there are a few different kinds of sites I have never come across before. Swoopo is a site where you buy bids and then bid on items for SUPER cheap. Obviously, the money for the bids goes to the cause of how cheap these items are sold for; but in a sense you are splitting the cost with everyone else who bids on the item. If everyone pays $1 per bid and 50 people bid thats $50 dollars that goes toward the purchase of this product that you didn't have to pay for. For example: I just watched the bidding on a 32G Ipod that is normally over $300 dollars sell for $110 dollars! I also watched an aution for a PS3 (over $300 retail) go for $51!!

If you ask me this may be something I would use for high dollar items. It seems to be much cheaper; the only drawback is having to watch the auction, this takes time so try and bid on things that are close to the final sale time.

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