Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coupon books that you already get....

Springs Coupon Directory

1445 Big Valley Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Phone: (719) 593-1203

Most of us get sick of junk mail. We typically throw it out immediately and don't look at it if it isn't addressed specifically to us. I do the same thing. There is one coupon directory book, however, that may be of some use for those of us on a budget. I took the time to actually look through a coupon book I received (that was not addressed to anyone it just came in the mail) and on the front cover it is simply titled: THE SPRINGS Coupon Directory. There were a lot of great coupons for restaurants I have never been to or seen so this creates an opportunity to go somewhere I have never been before and receive a discount. Some of the better coupons were for:
The Peak Grill $5 dollar off meal
Bambino's Free Dinner Entree (BOGO)
Taste of India BOGO Lunch Buffet
Cleats Sports Bar BOGO Sandwiches
East Coast Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 50% off
Conway's Famous Giant Hambergers 1/2 price

These were just the coupons for restrants! I personally dont cook that often and eat out more often so it would be worth it to cut out some of these coupons to use when I go out with friends and family.

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